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BRAZIL (Natural)

BRAZIL (Natural)


"Natural" treatment method

With the natural process, it is important that the coffee cherries have been picked when fully ripe. They must then be washed without pulping and directly laid out on drying beds. During drying they will be agitated to be dried uniformly. The kernel stays inside the cherry so that it can ferment for 3 to 4 weeks.

This technique gives the coffee fruity aromas.

Our coffees come from a variety Catucai (arabica) Lot: Matinha. These coffees are grown in well-chosen family plots with the aim of obtaining beans of a superior quality.

  • Harvesting is done by hand.
  • Traceability and control of cultivation methods.
  • Roasting: Medium
  • Tasting characteristics

    This coffee is balanced. Aromas of chocolate, caramel and nuts on the one hand and sweet notes of fruit on the other hand guarantee a pleasant and particularly effective taste experience in espresso.

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